Larry "Spiderman" McBride uses Red Line Racing Oils in the world's most powerful motorcycle. 1300+ H.P. 5.97 @ 243 MPH.

$7.95 Qt.

Red Line oils are designed to provide the highest degree of protection and cleanliness with the lowest friction for your motorcycle or marine engine. Red Line Oils are formulated with polyol ester base stocks, which are naturally Multi-Grade. This means that large amounts of unstable polymetric thickeners are not required to make Red line multigrades. As a result, Red Line Oils will provide better protection than petroleum oils of the next higher viscosity grade at low rpm, yet protect better than two higher grades at high rpm. Most importantly, Red Line Oils provide the best engine protection possible, and will last twice as long as petroleum oils, extending your oil drain intervals to 5000-8000 miles.

RLO-804 5W30
RLO-800 10W30
RLO-801 10W40
RLO-802 15W50
RLO-803 20W50

$7.95 Qt.
Red Line Race oils have gained a reputation as the ultimate racing lubricant. Red Line Race Oils are made with the most thermally stable synthetic base stocks available and provide the best high temperature lubrication and a higher film strength than any petroleum or synthetic oil on the market. Although Red Line Race oils are straight grades, their low temperature properties make them exceptional multi grades. Red line Oils allow 2-4% more power than an oil of simular viscosity, while providing much more protection. To reduce the chance of detonation, Red Line race oils are formulated with very few detergents and are not recommended for street use.

RLO-810 SAE20
RLO-811 SAE30
RLO-812 SAE40
RLO-813 SAE50

Red Line Water Wetter is a revolutionary new product which improves the water's ability to stay in contact with hot metals and not evaporate. Water Wetter contains rust and corrosion inhibitors and can be used with any currently available glycol coolant. For road racing and asphalt oval applications, Water Wetter can be used in place of coolant which is illegal with most racing organizations. Two Stroke Grand Prix competitors have realized up to five degrees centtigrade cooler running temperatures over straight water.
RLWW-842 12oz. $7.95

K&N, the company whose name is synonymous with superior air filters has now expanded their expertise to oil filtration with the result being a truly high performance oil filter at a reasonable cost. Besides the superior filtering, the K&N filters incorporates a 17 mm hex for ease of installation. The hex is also pre drilled for safety wiring on race bikes.

Why risk your precision engine to bargain basement oil filters. By the best, buy K&N.

$7.49 - $15.99